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Letter from a client
Downsizing can be Uplifting.
Closet Organization: How to keep your closet from becoming a Black Hole...


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Letter from a client

I got the most wonderful email from a new client of mine recently. I asked her if I could share it and she agreed. Please read below...

I think of you when....
I know where to find the return address labels with both our names, (hers and her husband's)
I know where to find the "cushy" pillow to put behind my back when I sit in the desk chair in my really, really clean and organized office,
I send photos to my blog (client asked to have blog address deleted-for personal use only),

Downsizing can be Uplifting.

The kids have all flown the coup. You look around your big house and wonder what you will do with all the stuff cluttering it, now that the children are gone. You may even be contemplating a move into smaller surroundings, say a condo or smaller house. But you know you can’t/won’t take it all with you.

There is an increasing trend in the “Boomer” community of “downsizing”. “Downsizing” simply means moving into smaller accommodations and/or doing away with extraneous belongings. Most “downsizers” just don’t want the hassle of daily upkeep that a larger dwelling brings or the hassle of constant care and handling of overstuffed rooms and closets.

Closet Organization: How to keep your closet from becoming a Black Hole...

In this hectic and sometimes chaotic world we live in, wouldn’t it be nice to not start your day searching frantically for something to wear?  I don’t know about you but when I wake up, often I am bleary-eyed and not really quite awake when I’m getting ready in the morning.  If it weren’t for an organized closet, I might never get out the door, let alone on time.  It’s a wonderful experience to not have to dive into my closet wasting precious time searching in vain for something to wear.
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