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“I knew I needed help with my office, especially organizing my paperwork and planning my day.  I didn't have a filing system, so there were piles of papers.  I was holding on to papers I didn't even need anymore.  [With MAKK Strategies help] I'm getting more work done in the office because I'm finding information more readily.  Being more efficient allows me to spend less time in the office and more time at home with my family.  I've also learned to be more realistic about what I can accomplish in any given day.”
B.  Tatannani
(Vice President, Morgan Stanley)

“I always thought I could organize myself.  After many (failed) attempts, I called Deirdra of MAKK Strategies.  She took me through her SPECS process and for the first time, I am truly organized.  I can see the top of my desk and can finally have clients in my office and not feel embarrassed. 

We all can make files but it takes having someone come in and show you the way that makes the difference.  Deirdra (and MAKK Strategies) has taught me a skill that will help me for the rest of my life."
R. Cardinale
(Business Owner/Professional Dance Instructor)

“As a working Mother of four children, I am intimately familiar with the word 'clutter'.  I love to take photos of my family, rolls and rolls of film on every vacation.  Unfortunately, I am not nearly so enamored with putting my captured moments away in albums.  The pictures started piling up, and the pile became a small hill that threatened to grow into a mountain.  I started taking a different route in the house just to avoid seeing my desk and being reminded of the task of categorizing and storing so many snapshots.  Can you say overwhelmed?  Enter Super Organizer (Deirdra) and we climbed the mountain together.  And I survived!  She was a big help.”
(Busy Mom and Channel 11 News Anchor)

“Deirdra of MAKK Strategies, taught me how to organize my time to include 'maintenance', not just 'crisis' organizing.  In the first 15 minutes, she found a check I hadn't cashed that paid for her first visit!  Deirdra has a number of solutions, yet she listened to my ideas and then supported me in making those a success!”
J. Hipolit
(Personal Coach)

"Deirdra (of MAKK Strategies) has done the impossible!  

After months of hit or miss, trying in vain to clean out a large two car garage and basement/office area that was so packed with items from businesses and rental properties it was very difficult to even walk through, I called Deirdra...

Deirdra and her very hands-on approach brought order to the mess.  I cannot believe how wonderfully organized these areas have become with her guidance and help.

In addition, she has given me help with time management and organizing my priorities.  

Deirdra is a true professional who delivers so much more than expected."
J. Jennison
(Business Owner)


“MAKK Strategies' program helped me examine my tasks and responsibilities and taught me to organize/prioritize effectively...helped me feel less overwhelmed, more confident in getting things done.”
E. Paydo
(Burt Hill Architects)

“Todays presentation (by MAKK Strategies) was very informative and got me motivated to GET ORGANIZED and quit ignoring what needs done!”
A. Pike
(SMPS Events Coordinator  & Crawford Consulting Services)

“It's wonderful to be able to that there are [organizations like MAKK Strategies] who understand the ADD dilemma.”
J. Yee
(CHADD Member)

“This seminar helps instill great processes in your head.”
M. Short
(John Deklewa & Sons, Inc.)

“This seminar helped me gain the motivation I need to start buckling down and really organize my life better.”
K. Williams
(California University)

“Practical and Sensible suggestions!”
A. Crelli
(Coldwell Banker)

“Deirdra really points out what you should make important in your life [and how to accomplish it].”
J. Griffith

“It is worth your time to attend [one of Deirdra's seminars] because it will enable you to organize your life and have more time.”
V. Berruti
(Coldwell Banker)

"This was the first [time management] course I've been to that actually explained how to prioritize."
L. Koenig

"Very relevant presentation for today's busy families."
T. Crouthamel

"Time is more valuable than money.  Anything that can help save me time, makes me money.  [MAKK Strategies' seminar] is helping me do just that."
B. Karleski

"[MAKK Strategies' presentation] It was wonderful and fun and I learned a lot.  It was very straightforward and made me feel like I could do it (get organized and take control of my time.)"
S. Staunton

"Very informative and helpful.  Good ideas for all parents to use."
K. Defazio
(ABC Cranberry)

"Great Tips that are easy to incorporate into daily life."
J. Stinebiser
(ABC Cranberry)

"I really enjoyed the presentation from Deirdra.  I especially liked how she incorporated the children's party since I am a mother of three children."
J. Howe
(ABC Cranberry)

"Everything Deirdra touched on related to me personally and I have walked away with great ideas and a renewed inspiration to organize my household."
C. Ailes
(ABC Cranberry)

"Wonderful, Engaging, Informative & Useful.  Awesome!
A. Daniels

"Warm and engaging style."
P. Kokkila
(American Heart Association)

"Thank you for conducting your presentation at the Chamber meeting.  I got a lot out of it!"
J. Potasiewicz

"Excellent presentation!"
P. Hillebrecht
(US Attorney's Office)

"Excellent presentation style."
C. Bynum
(Bynums Marketing and Communications)

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