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Lost information, lack of poor planning, lack of priorities are just some of the issues that wind up costing your business money.

Employees waste over 333 hours, that is over 8 weeks of time, per year searching for missing information and papers.  For a single employee earning $20/hr, that equates to over $6000 in increased productivity for the company per year.  For your salespeople, that's an additional (bare minimum) 2 additional sales per year due to increased sales calls.

MAKK Strategies handles these issues with positive financial impact for business by providing consulting, coaching and training services that increase productivity by applying or methods using the SPECS Productivity Process and Microsoft® technologies.  Not to mention providing your organization with a much more professional image to internal staff and visitors/clients who come to the workplace.

MAKK Strategies increases efficiency and overall productivity for our clients by implementing organizational systems, processes and tools.  We train executives and staff so that these systems, processes and tools are easy to maintain.  We place special emphasis on space organization, paper management, filing systems, contact management and time management.  We offer both group and individual training via interactive workshops and hands-on (what we call "On The Job") productivity training and coaching.

We can help you and your organization to easily retrieve and share paper and electronic information, eliminate wasteful office processes and procedures, identify and document more efficient processes and procedures, choose the right contact management system and customize it for your needs and manage schedules, priorities and project more efficiently.

We offer:

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