MAKK Strategies - Organized to Save YOU Time
About MAKK Strategies

MAKK Strategies is based on the belief that productivity and a stress-reduced life can be obtained by being organized, managing your time and streamlining processes.  For this reason, we provide Professional Organizing, Time Management and Process Improvement & Redesign to facilitate positive lifestyle change in individuals and companies.

Our business is based on these principles:

  • By helping to reduce clutter in the workplace and at home, clients will be able to better organize their time and resources
  • By helping companies to re-engineer their business processes, clients will save money by a 3-to1 Return on Investment (ROI)
  • By helping individuals/employees change their behavior patterns, MAKK Strategies will find individuals and companies up to 333 hours of lost time per year (approximately 8 weeks).  This can add up to roughly $6000 or more per person, per year (dependant on salary)
  • Disorganization can sap individuals and employees of their time and energy
  • It cost less to prevent downtime than to try and make the time up

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